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WEG 2013 was excellent fun!


Hi everyone, it’s Sandali R here again. Wow, it certainly was a fantastic WEG 2013 and a great 3 days of online competition. I want to congratulate everyone for taking part.

I am extremely proud of my sister Vihangi R who has been named Champion of Champions in her 8-10 age group catagory. I have been lucky enough to have this crown in my 4-7 age group category as well and we are both extremely excited to have flown to Sydney for the award ceremony! I really enjoyed my fellow Ambassador Sharan M’s speech at the award ceremony. I have been proud to be represent the UK. Congratulations to all of you have taken part and improved on your personal scores.

I enjoyed being an Ambassador this year and hope to see all of you on Mathletics!

Until next year!!!

The Games have concluded…


Ambassador Talha coming in from Pakistan

Our students without doubt, had an absolutely splendid experience. We have learned so much from these Games, not only knowledge but also teamwork and perseverance. We kept each other motivated and teachers were always there for us when we needed them. I’m sure all of us are very upset about how the Games have ended.  But don’t worry my friends, before we know it the opening of the World Education Games 2014 will be taking place! I’d also like to mention the contribution of our students, teachers, and community members through whose generosity we were able to collect enough funds to purchase one School-In-A-Box. I’d would like to thank everyone on behalf of UNICEF for donating to this noble cause and for serving a greater purpose by giving the gift of education through UNICEF. It was an absolute pleasure to serve on this fabulous team and im looking forward to seeing everyone next year.

Have a wonderful year everyone!

Vanscoy students kick-off World Education Games


Vanscoy School kicked off preparations for the World Education Games last Friday with a visit from the provinicial Minister of Education, Hon. Russ Marchuk.

Two pupils from the school were selected as student ambassadors to the Games, a global online competition that encourages students to hone their skills in mathematics, literacy and science. Braden Rein and Josh Kemp earned the title of student ambassadors after creating prize-winning videos in a contest.

Rein and Kemp participated in a student ambassador tour in early February to Alberta, where they were awarded certificates of acheivement and took part in activities in several schools.
“It was an amazing experience,” Rein told the school assembly during the kickoff to the World Education Games ceremony in the school’s gym. “We met Laurie Skreslet, the first Canadian to climb to the summit of Mt. Everest, and he gave a speech that inspired us all. It’s something I’ll never forget as long as I live.”

The World Education Games start on World Literacy Day March 5, followed by World Math Day on March 6 and World Science Day on March 7.  Vanscoy School became involved in the World Education Games four years ago through the school’s use of the ‘Mathletics’ online math program. Mathletics was created by 3P Learning, an Australian-based company that also created “Spellodrome’ and ‘IntoScience’ – learning resources that promote literacy and science. The school is combining its involvement with the World Education Games with a parallel campaign to promote literacy, math and science in less-developed countries.

Rein said the school is collecting funds for the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) ‘School in a Box’ program – which provides packages of educational materials for classes of up to 40 students in developing countries.

After being chosen as student ambassadors, Rein and Kemp wrote a letter to the provincial education minister, extending an invitation to attend the formal kickoff for the event.

Marchuk accepted the invitation and said he was overwhelmed with what he saw at the school: “From the minute I walked into the school, I was very impressed with what I saw in every classroom,” said Marchuk. “This is a very warm and exciting learning environment. I saw first-hand the activity you folks are engaged in and being part of this worldwide opportunity shows how engaged the students, teachers, staff and community are in education.”

Kevin Derdall, principal of Vans-coy School, said having the school recognized as a “featured school” for western Canada in the World Education Games is rewarding.

“The students and teachers have worked very hard on these initiatives,” said Derdall. “It’s not only a good program to help improve students’ skill levels, it’s also a way of reaching out to students in less-developed areas of the world. The students here are organizing a penny collection campaign to raise funds for the Unicef ‘School in a Box’ program.”

Derdall said while the students will be competing online with millions of others around the world during the three-day World Education Games event, there will also be local prizes given at the school for participation within each class.

“We want to encourage everyone’s involvement,” he said.

Larry Pavloff, chair of the Prairie Spirit School Division (PSSD) Board of Trustees, said the school division encourages all types of programs that promote student and community engagement in learning. “This is a very worthwhile program,” Pavloff noted. “To see the level of involvement among students in their community and the world makes us proud. The staff have done a superior job working with the students and I think it’s also a reflection of the involvement of the community and the families as well.”

Pavloff said all the schools in the division are engaged in many different programs but all of them are designed to accomplish the same objectives.
Rene Burke, CEO of 3P Learning Canada, based in Calgary, said Vanscoy School has employed the ‘Mathletics’ program for the past four years. “All 160 kids in the school are using it,” she said. “They’ve shown great improvement in their math skills and we’re honoured to have this school as our featured school to represent western Canada.”

(courtesy of Clark’s Crossing Gazette :

Well done everybody!



Wow WEG was incredible, I am sure that everybody agrees with me. In school we really enjoyed it.

I just want to say well done to everybody who participated, even if you did not win anything you did your best, that is the important thing.

Well done!

From Carmen

Guatemala WEG 2013 Ambassador.

Congratulations from Panayioti


Hey everyone,

As the 2013 WEG have come to an end, I’d like to congratulate all of you who participated in this year’s events. I had an extremely enjoyable and fun time and I’m sure the other 6 million students around the world did too! For everyone who was on the Hall of Fame for Literacy, Maths or Science across all age groups, I commend you for your efforts for doing so well. For those that didn’t make it, it really doesn’t matter because it’s all about learning and having LOADS of fun which I’m 100% sure that you did. And there’s always next year!

On Tuesday the 26th March, top ranked students from around the world will get the opportunity to come to my hometown here in Sydney, Australia at the Opera House to receive awards as part of the WEG Ceremony for 2013. I will be there that day and am really excited to be meeting my fellow competitors and other students from all parts of the world, whether it be Malaysia, Pakistan, England, USA and so on. WEG this year has certainly united the world in words, numbers and science and I’m proud to have been a part of it.

As my Ambassador role closes, I’d like to thank Samsung and 3P Learning for everything they have done for me and am very grateful for the opportunity that was given to me this year. It’s been a very memorable and enjoyable experience.

Lastly, I look forward to next year’s competition and I hope you can all join me too.

WEG2013 was GREAT! I was the Official Photographer, and I finally made it to the Hall of Fame!


My name is Anaisabel Garza and I am a 12 year old girl from Guatemala, studying at Colegio Internacional Montessori.

Last year, I went to Nashville, Tennessee as an exchange student where I learnt to love photography and even took part in a photography competition!  My competition entry got an honourable mention and due to this my school asked me if I would like to be the official photographer during World Education Games 2013 along with another student, Ximena Rivera from Grade 5. 

We took more than 2,550 pictures during the warm-up and the events.  We made a great team! 

This was my third year participating in World Maths Day, and I really wanted to make it into the Hall of Fame.  I had such a great time practising for World Maths Day and all my persistence and determination paid off! I made it into the Hall of Fame and achieved my goal!

I want to invite all students in the world to keep practising, dreaming, and doing everything they love!  With enough determination everyone can achieve their dreams and goals!!

Good luck to all!
Anaisabel Garza

Thanks for WEG2013 everyone, from Anand in Australia!


I hope all of you had loads of fun playing the World Education Games. I know that my friends and other fellow students at Trinity really enjoyed participating in the WEG.  Congratulations to everyone who participated and to those who made it to the hall of fame.

I would also like to convey my special thanks to 3P Learning and Samsung for giving this unique opportunity to so many students around the world to participate in WEG and have fun learning.

I hope to see all of you competing again in the coming years.

Anand, WEG2013 Australian Ambassador.