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See you on Mathletics!


I can’t believe I have to say good bye to all of you for a whole year! I hope you enjoyed the Games as much as I did. I just want to congratulate oll of my fellow Mathletes for such a phenomenal competition. Though the results are not yet final (the suspense has been killing me), I’m sure my school, and all of those in the US for that matter, did spectacularly.
Although this is bye for now, you must remember that you can always keep on playing Mathletics, and enjoy competing with your friends. Also it is great practice for next year! Don’t just keep competing, keep donating too! My small school was able to give to the “School and the Box” program, just by the various students saving up their pennies. You can do your part by keeping a little piggy bank (mine is a cat, but you get the idea) by your bed, and just checking your pockets for spare change.


would like to thank a few people: Peter Walters, for making these thrilling Games possible, Scott Flansburg, for being such a huge advocate of the games, Dr. Honor, my principle, who allowed my school to devote the day to competing, Mrs. Selwanes, my math teacher, who found out about the games in the first place, Valerie Allevi, for helping me through my Ambassador duties, and SAMSUNG, for the new Note 10.1! It has been a huge honor to represent you, the students of my country, in these Games, and I look forward to competing with you next year!

Ambassador Ben

Rachel Riley hosts World Maths Day launch at Wembley Stadium in London!

We were delighted to have had Rachel Riley (our UK World Education Games Patron) as host for the exciting World Maths Day launch event on the 6th of March.

The event was held at the iconic Wembley Stadium in London.  This is the third year we’ve been able to host events at the Wembley Stadium – this year was by far the largest, with hundreds of students involved.  This was a very successful day and Rachel was on hand all day, launching the commencement of World Maths Day there as well as hosting a number of her own maths activities for the students.

Thank you for your support on this special day, Rachel! Also thank you to all the students, teachers and parents who came along and shared in this unique experience!

Take a look at this great video which showcases the activities from the day:


Let’s raise some money for UNICEF “School-in-a-Box”!


Well-done China! I hope everyone around the world had loads of fun in the World Education Games 2013!

One of my responsibilities as an Ambassador is to raise money for UNICEF. Although I haven’t counted the money up yet it seems like we have enough donations to get about 4 School-in-a-boxes. I would like to say thanks to everyone around the world that donated. Even if you only donated something very small, it all adds up. I am especially proud of my school, Yew Chung International School Beijing, because even though we didn’t have a bake sale or anything like that, people just donated money without doing anything fun. I am really proud of the 5-6 year olds in our school, they donated loads! I would also like to say thanks to my dad, because he donated 1000 RMB, nearly enough for one box!

Whatever you do, don’t stop learning!



Congratulations on making the World Education Games so successful!!


I cannot believe that the Games are ALL OVER. I hope you all might have enjoyed this competition other kids from across the globe just like I did!! What an amazing competition!!

It was great experience, serving my country as an US ambassador, and being a part of “UNITING THE WORLD IN LEARNING.” There are few people whom I have to thank for making this event successful in our school district. First of all, Dr. Neil Gupta, Director of Teaching & Learning, Mr. Steve Gehlert, our Assistant Principal, Mrs. Susie Norman, our 4th grade gifted and talented teacher, for their guidance and incredible support through this entire event in making it successful and of course, my parents.

Promoting these Games in the past month was very hard but rewarding work and it has taught me various leadership and communication skills, and I have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. I loved meeting new people, and it was such a great learning experience for me.

As support for the UNICEF “School-in-a-box” program, our New Albany Plain Local School District donated 2 School-in-a-Box’s. This was the first time I have ever participated in a charity drive and it was extremely successful. Way to go New Albany EAGLES!!

Great job everybody, although, the results have yet to be verified… well done to all the winners!

Last, but not the least, I would like to thank 3P Learning for giving me this wonderful, once in a life time opportunity.  Good Luck for next year… see you in 2014! 


3P Learning Global, World Education Games and Australian Teams fundraise for “School in a Box”!


On Monday, the Australian teams behind World Education Games, Mathletics, Spellodrome and IntoScience held a special fundraising tea in the Sydney Head Office, to raise money for the UNICEF “School in a Box” campaign.

The morning was a tremendous success with many of the team baking and bringing in tasty treats for everyone to enjoy, whilst a donation pot was passed around.  A speech was made as we all reflected on the magic, power and opportunities an education provides- and how lucky we all are to have received an education whilst millions out there do not have the same access or privileges.

We considered where we all might be today, had we not had access to an education.  It was a scary thought.



We are proud to confirm that our Australian Team has raised enough money to purchase EIGHT “School in a Box” education packs.

This means that 640 kids will be able to attend school for one year- thanks to the kits we are able to provide.  It was a great feeling and made for a very rewarding morning.

We also discovered some very good bakers in our midst and have even tried to make it policy that every fundraiser involves baked treats!  We would include a photo of the cakes and biscuits however they were so delicious that they were eaten before any photos could be taken!

Go on!  Have your own “School in a Box” fundraiser!  It takes so little to give so much… and knowing that you are helping change lives of others is a remarkable gift in itself.



A big thank you to Team Singapore!

Hi Everyone!

This is Ambassador Brjan from Singapore. Firstly, a very big thank you to every one of you in Team Singapore for your great efforts in participating in the Word Education Games 2013!

During the WEG, my school Raffles Institution has also raised funds to sponsor a School in-a-box to help the less fortunate children receive an education. This is the first time I’ve been involved in an initiative or a charity drive andI find that it is a very meaningful and enriching experience.

The “Donate a Gold Coin” charity drive in Raffles Institution was held for about 2 weeks from 26 February to 8 March 2013. On the day before the start of the drive, I was given the opportunity to make an announcement during morning assembly to the whole school. The principal of Raffles Institution, Mrs Lim Lai Cheng, was the very first donor for the meaningful initiative. The charity drive was conducted in the school canteen and many students and teachers donated to help the less fortunate. My twin brother Bjorn also helped out with the donation drive.  Once again, I would like to thank everyone involved in the WEG for making it possible, and congratulations to all the members of Team Singapore for their great efforts. Most of all, I would like to thank my teacher-mentors Mr Joseph Chong and Mrs Jasmine Chong for their guidance and support throughout the WEG and the School-in-a-box charity drive. I look forward to World Education Games 2014!

It’s over already? Why!


My school really enjoyed the World Education Games. Thanks 3P Learning and Samsung! As Ambassador, I got some of the best opportunities so far in my life.

The World Education Games ended last Friday. Students around the world correctly answered more than 345 million questions last week, and Vogelweh Elementary School students all worked together to give more than 95 thousand correct answers in just one week!

In our school, a third grade boy is a school spelling champion, with 798 words, and a third grade class is on top, with 5253 words spelled correctly.

The math champion of the school is in second grade ( A second grader! ) with 2199 problems solved. He is also the science champion, with 916 points, and his third grade brother came in a close second at 797 points. A fifth grade class led the school with 9,011 math problems solved and 5,383 science points.  We’re really looking forward to next year!

Congratulations Everyone!

Hi Everyone,

Congratulations on doing so well in the World Education Games this year, Australia! At my school, the library and computer labs were abuzz with students trying to get the maximum amount of points on the three consecutive days. On World Literacy Day, over 45 million questions were answered, on World Maths Day over 290 million questions were answered and on World Science Day almost 9 million questions were answered. Overall, around 345 million questions! What an effort!

Congratulations should go to all those who were in the top 100 in their age group and made it to the Hall of Fame. Special congratulations should also go to Gurtek G, the only Australian to make it to the top of the Hall of Fame! Great Work. :)

Even if you didn’t make it to the Hall of Fame, you did a great job. Keep trying and maybe you’ll get there next year.

I can’t wait to compete in the games next year and I look forward to testing my Literacy, Maths and Science skills again.


A great time was had by all!


Hi it’s Max, one of your UK Ambassadors.

I have really enjoyed taking part in the World Education Games. It has been an honour to represent the United Kingdom and to take part in such a world wide event.

Congratulations to everyone who has taken part and hopefully you would have had fun and beaten some personal bests.

I hope everyone has enjoyed taking part and that I may have inspired one or two of you to work that little bit harder to possibly become an Ambassor next year!

Until next year, keep practising!
From Max Tyrrell, Langafel C of E Primary School

Saskatchewan Minister of Education, the Honourable Russ Marchuk, donates to the School in a Box campaign!


Two Canadian World Education Games Ambassadors convinced the Minister of Education to come to their rural school- Vanscoy!  The student Ambassadors involved in this huge effort and initiative were Braden Rein and Josh Kemp- great work boys!

Below is a picture of the Saskatchewan Minister of Education, the Honourable Russ Marchuk, donating a cheque to the “School in a Box” campaign during the WEG kick-off at Vanscoy School.


The Honourable Russ Marchuk, watched the children practice their World Education Games prior to the actual start, before a ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the start of the exciting events:

 Thank you to the Honourable Russ Marchuk and the Saskatchewan Department of Education, for attending this event and for their exemplary generosity towards the UNICEF “School in a Box” campaign.