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Rachel Riley launches World Maths Day at Wembley Stadium!


Patron Rachel Riley (right) joins local schools to launch World Maths Day 2013 at Wembley Stadium

With the countdown finally over, patron Rachel Riley joined schools from London to launch World Maths Day 2013 at Wembley Stadium.  Rachel visited the Learning Zone and spurred on “mathletes” from local schools to compete against children around the globe and saw them take part in a range of engaging and interactive maths activities.

Rachel then selected a handful of brave volunteers, gave them a short maths class and staged a series of Countdown numbers games, pitting children against teachers. Needless to say, Rachel’s mathletes romped to victory, to a resounding reception!

Rachel has been a supporter of World Maths Day for a number of years, explaining,

“World Maths Day is a fabulous initiative that makes maths fun and exciting and shows children how important this subject is on a truly global scale. I’m proud to be supporting World Maths Day again this year and I couldn’t wait to meet some of the eager participants. Wishing the best of luck to all involved!”

Rachel Riley prepares her “mathletes” for the Countdown challenge!


Rachel then visited nearby Ark Bentworth Primary school and took a class and held an assembly. Concluding the day with another “pupils versus teachers” Countdown game, Rachel’s contestants utterly trounced the teachers, 30 points to nil!

A “mathlete” competing live in World Maths Day

7,087 UK schools and almost 1.4 million UK children took part in World Maths Day 2013.

Children at George Watson’s College enjoy visit from The Human Calculator

Last Wednesday, George Watson’s College in Edinburgh were excited to welcome Scott Flansburg, the Human Calculator, during his tour of the United Kingdom.

Photo courtesy of George Watson’s College

Scott wowed the children during his show, some of their comments and photos are below, all photos are shown courtesy of George Watson’s College:

My favourite part was how you told us the 11 times table.


It was cool the way you could say the answer so fast.


I found maths much more interesting and easy.


Thank you for the experience of maths.


I in particular am struggling in Maths but I think I am going to do great thanks to you.


 Last night I looked you up on on the internet.


 Your strategies with numbers are great.


 I absolutely love how you are faster than a calculator!


Photo courtesy of George Watson’s College

Photo courtesy of George Watson’s College





Go Team GB!


It’s all systems GO at Langafel school, Kent. We have had a visit from the Mayor of Dartford on World Literacy Day and I was lucky enough to show her around the school and tell her all about the World Education Games.

We are all racing each other trying to beat each other’s scores and having great fun at the same time ! I hope you and your friends are doing the same.

Good luck for tomorrow – keep up the good work!

from Max Tyrrell

Good Luck from our roving Ambassador, Dylan C

In front of all of my peers at Linn Primary, I delivered a one-and-a-half page speech to around 200 pupils at a special assembly. In case I didn’t introduce myself, my name is Dylan. I’m 11, I live in Larne, Co. Antrim, a small town in Northern Ireland, which is also a very small country but one that I am proud of.

With microphone in one hand, speech in the other, I told everyone the key benefits of participating in the World Education Games.

World Spelling Day, the first event on the roster, officially starts on 5 March, but whether it is midnight in Samoa, it is 10am London time, so it technically starts for everyone else at Monday! At least we get a great jump start ahead of the Americans, it starts for them at 5am Washington time!

Wishing Linn Primary School, Northern Ireland and everyone else for an enjoyable World Education Games! I don’t know whether I’ll win spelling this year, like I did the last two times, since now I’m in a bigger age group, from 8-10 to 11-13 and the competition is a lot harder, especially when most of the top 10 come from the same country: Malaysia.

Good luck!

Ambassador Dylan C, Northern Ireland

Scotland’s First Minister supports the World Education Games

Letters of support from world leaders all across the globe continue to flood into the bulging postbag here at World Education Games towers.

Today we received a letter from Alex Salmond, the First Minister of Scotland, expressing his support for the event and wishing students of the UK the best of luck in the event. Where will Scottish students finish on this year’s Hall of Fame? Here’s to a great competition “north of the border!”


Ready, set, GO! Create a new Guinness World Record!

It’s a pleasure to invite all of you to join in an epic feat – to create a new Guinness World Record and be a part of history. The opportunity doesn’t come often and I hope you all grab the chance. This is my third successive year as the WEG Ambassador and I’m delighted to be a part of it.

The new format of the games has been a huge success last year and I’m sure it will function much better this year. I was surprised and thrilled to be the ‘Champion of Champions’ for my age group last year.

I should confess that I owe a lot of my success to my staff and teachers at my school. ‘The Glasgow Academy’ is Scotland’s oldest Independent school being over 160 years old. It is now adding ambitious and massive new extensions and I am sure it will be exciting for the new students once it is completed in a couple of years time.

This is me and Scott Flansburg, aka The Human Calculator. Also pictured is my school, Glasgow Academy.

The World Education Games are more about a community than just winning as we all know that luck plays a big part in the latter. So, why not join us in this adventure and bring your friends along. I am pretty sure those who have tasted WEG in the past do not need any invitations to come back.

I would like to thank 3P Learning UK for arranging a well organised launch event for us in Bristol. It was lovely meeting the other UK Ambassadors. Scott Flansburg, the Human Calculator and World Ambassador for WEG was very encouraging and it was fascinating to watch him perform his brand of Mathemagic. Big thanks to Samsung, the Official Sponsor for gifting us possibly the best tablet available, the Samsung Galaxy Note10.1. Cheers!

Lastly I would like to wish everyone the very best as they hopefully become a part of history. Hope you enjoy the ride!!

Tam Baillie, Scotland’s Commissioner for Children & Young People shows his support:

“The Human Calculator” causes a stir in the UK!


Scott Flansburg (also known as “The Human Calculator”) is one of our fabulous World Education Games Ambassadors.. as you all know!

Scott has been teaching mathematics and entertaining people with his astonishing numerical skills for more than 20 years.  He also currently holds the Guinness World Record for adding the same number to itself more times in 15 seconds than any other  person can, even when using a calculator.  This remarkable ability is what earned him the title of “Fastest Human Calculator.”

Scott has been Global World Maths Day Patron for many years, which is all about inspiring and encouraging students across the world to unite in numbers and enjoy mathematics.

The UK team were very excited to welcome Scott to their Bristol office on Monday where Scott met the UK Ambassadors and joined them for their special briefing day before embarking on a tour of the UK.

Scott visited Techniquest in Cardiff, Wales on Tuesday, check out some of the pictures below!

Scott Flansburg at Techniquest with children from Ysgol Yr Eos School

Scott Flansburg with children from Kymin, Monmouth

Scott also featured on BBC Breakfast, where Louise Minchin and Charlie Stayt put him to the test.

Watch the interview here.

He also visited West Lothian earlier this week, where he was at St Kentigern’s Academy in Blackburn to show the pupils what he can do. Read this article and watch the video report here.

What a fantastic week Scott is having in the UK… thank you for your support, Human Calculator!   We have already been hearing great stories from the inspired children who you spoke with. 


Unite the World… Whilst Having Fun!


Hello my name is Billy from Pennar Community School in Wales.  It is a privilege to have been chosen as an Ambassador for the World Education Games.

I am working hard to promote the event with Radio, Newspaper and Television interviews lined up over the next few days.  Let’s all get behind the UNICEF “School in a box” fundraising.  Every penny makes a difference so let’s come up with loads of crazy ideas to raise as much money as possible.  Let’s all do our best, practice hard but most important of all … let’s enjoy ourselves.

Maths is a universal language so let’s unite and compete to do our Countries proud.  Good Luck!