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New Zealand

Hello from New Zealand

Hey guys it’s Alicia here from NZ.
There’s only about 16 days left until the Games officially begin!  All of us Ambassadors are buzzing with excitement and am sure that you all are too.
There will also be fundraisers going on for UNICEF where, if you’re REALLY lucky, might even get to win an amazing prize!
I’m off to warm up.. hope you are too!

Good luck ♥

Kiwis Plot their WEG Strategy…

Hi, I’m Willem. I’m a Year 8 pupil at Remarkables Primary School from the gorgeous mountains in Queenstown, New Zealand.
I was really stoked to hear I’d been selected to represent New Zealand in the World Education Games 2013. I’ve been giving these events a go for a few years so am thrilled to now be an official NZ Rep!

Last week I flew up to Auckland to the NZ Ambassadors briefing & met with the other Ambassadors. We had some fun getting green screen photos done up the top of the Sky Tower holding kiwis & looking as if we being swung off the tower by King Kong!

Our journey continued when we headed to the UNICEF offices & Jacqui & Rob shared with us the remarkable work that UNICEF does for children in need.  I’d never really realized how lucky we are & was fascinated by the School in a Box Programme. I really want to try & encourage my school to get behind fundraising for UNICEF.

We had some extra WEG & media training in a really cool precinct in town.  It was hilarious because we honestly did this inside a luminous, colour changing inflatable brain! When we were winding down Karen & Liam (from 3P Learning NZ) surprised us with the fabulous gift of the latest Samsung Galaxy Tablet Note 10.1. They were all loaded & ready with World Education Games, so you can guess what happened next!

I’d really like to thank 3P Learning & UNICEF for organizing such a brilliant day & of course a big thanks to SAMSUNG for the awesome Galaxy Tablet.  I’m extremely excited about the World Education Games & am practicing like mad.  Good luck for WEG 2013 everyone…  start practicing & keep practicing!

Willem Ebbinge

School Black Ambassador 2013

Getting ready… and excited!

I can’t wait for the World Education Games to start. I’ve really had fun doing it throughout the years and get a rush of excitement whenever our teachers hand out the slip with our usernames and passwords. I think our school has been doing this since I was I in second grade (just so you know that is 4 years).

I’ve always loved when I’m sitting next to a friend in class, to start the 3…..2……1……Now! Then clicking at the same time, hoping we were competing against each other. My best friend hates math. But she really likes World Math Day and I always like trying to compete against her. And sometimes we do. Then if either of us struck out, that person would go over and watch the other play and try to cheer them on.

I also love the feeling you get when you see your name on the Hall of Fame. And now I see everyone typing at the speed of light and synchronized clicking across the classroom, getting ready for an amazing event that is fun and exciting.  Good luck everyone… it’s great fun!

Hello my fellow GENIUSES!

My name is Izzy, and I am one on NZ’s Ambassadors for the 2013 World Education Games, which is coming up on the 5th until the 7th of March!

By competing in the World Literacy Day, the World Maths Day and the World Science Day and through fundraising, you and your school are supporting UNICEF, a very worthwhile cause.

It feels great to be helping kids that are less fortunate around the world.

Make sure you have fun and do your best :D

New Zealand celebrates WEG 2013 with their Ambassadors too!


The New Zealand WEG 2013 Ambassadors levels of celebration and jubilation have reached incredible heights……. Literally!  They had a fantastic time at their briefing in Auckland and were even brave enough to have their photo taken on the Auckland SkyTower- see below.  Great work everyone!


Read more about them as well as our other WEG Ambassadors around the world here.

Mathematics, Literacy, Science AND Philanthropy!


Teachers and parents, as your kids warm-up for the Games- please remind them that millions of other children around the world don’t have access to even a basic education.

By fundraising towards the “School-in-a-Box” UNICEF project this World Education Games, your children and students will give the gift of education to those less fortunate (for a WHOLE YEAR!) They also stand a chance for a life-changing 3 day field trip visit overseas with UNICEF to see the communities they have helped!  

Click here to watch a video showcasing last year’s trip to Vietnam!

 Let’s unite to make the world a better place!

Click here to visit the “School-in-a-Box” section of the World Education games website.  We have numerous class resources and fundraising ideas to make the experience as informative and as simple as possible.

The World Education Games is all about celebrating education.  Let’s teach our kids philanthropy- as well as mathematics, spelling and science skills. 

All Over, Bring On WEG 2013!

Hi guys!
What an amazing competition this year. Well done to all the kids in NZ who gave it there all, just wait till next year, I am sure we will get some great results!!

It was really fantastic meeting all the NZ ambassadors when we had our day out (remember the pencil :) ). Also thanks to Yvonne from Mathletics for putting it all together.

Well done Kaya you are the WMD champ !! Moosa it was a blast battling you .

Thanks World Education Games, see you next year!

Mason F.