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Canada’s leaders get behind the Games

Canadian ambassadors Josh and Braden wrote to their local member of Parliament and the Prime Minister, telling them all about the World Education Games – and received letters of support back from BOTH of them, great going guys!

Hello from Canada!

Hello fellow WEG fans!


I hope you are all having fun so far! I just wanted to tell you guys about what being an Ambassador is all about. When I first heard that our school was chosen as a feature school and that our students had a chance at being selected as a Mathletics Ambassador, I was quite excited.  When I was chosen as an Ambassador and told about the free trip to Calgary, Alberta, my very first question was, “is there an all you can eat buffet?”.  Sadly,  there wasn’t but nevertheless the food was terrific!  I made a video of myself on top of the Calgary Tower with the message that Mathletics makes me feel like I’m on top of the world!  How true is that? Ha ha!  So I was chosen and it just so happened that Braden Rein of my school was chosen as well because our video essays were both very creative.


So I said goodbye to my parents and hopped onto the plane and off we went!  We arrived in Calgary and what is waiting there for us?  Probably the most classy limousine in all of Canada (literally)!  When we arrived at the hotel, we were treated so nicely and escorted to our rooms.  It was like 9:00 pm and we had a big day ahead planned, so we went to bed.  I might have stayed up until twelve playing games on my phone (ha ha)!  That wasn’t a wise decision and you can probably guess why – but I was still so excited about spreading the word of Mathletics and the World Education Games!  I was also looking forward to our lunch at Boston Pizza – yum!   All of the Ambassadors then toured several schools throughout Calgary.  At each school, a different pair of us gave presentations to promote Mathletics.  That was a totally awesome experience.


After that was all over, we went to the Mathletics head office.  We coloured all over this mega-size chalkboard and we socialized with the workers who were like the nicest people in Canada (maybe even the entire world)!  Then Braden and I went back to the hotel and we went shopping. Oh yeah, our math teacher Mr. McKay went with us too!  Sorry Mr McKay!


After that, we went swimming for an hour at the hotel pool.  The next day we went back to the Mathletics head office and guess what?  Samsung donated six brand new Samsung Galaxy Note Pads to each Ambassador!!  I was shocked out of my mind!  Do you know how much those things cost??!  And so we played on them for awhile and all the fantastic Mathletics workers signed the boxes the tablet came in.    We socialized some more, had lunch and then we headed back to the hotel.  That night was the awards ceremony.  First off, we had some very inspiring people come to have dinner with us such as the first Canadian to climb Mount Everest, as well as a gentleman who became a paraplegic in a tragic accident, but went on to become a genius in psychology!  They both shared their very impressive stories and they truly inspired me to develop my full potential as a human being.


Here is the message of this blog.  Education may not seem important to some kids right now.  Perhaps you might think that only nerds or teacher’s pets take education seriously. But guess what?  It doesn’t have to be that way!  Education is for everybody! No matter how smart you are, or how much you might have to struggle to get good grades, you need to know your education is so important to you right now (and especially in the years to come).  Some days, you might feel as though your teacher is being “mean” to you or picking on you to do better.  But they only want you to become the best you can be.  Don’t believe me?  Ask your mom.  Ask your dad.  Ask your teacher.  They will all say the same thing.  Motivate yourself to want to learn and become a better person!  I have a very simple equation that I tell myself when things get tough.  Education = accomplishment.  It’s true, alright ha ha!   Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope everyone has a great and fun time competing against others in the WEG!!

Joshua G. 

Letter of encouragement from Jeff Johnson MLA, Minister for Athabasca- Sturgeon-Redwater

WEG Ambassador Danielle’s fundraising fun

Hey everyone, I hope you guys are just as excited about the World Education Games as I am! I know everyone in my school would much rather be playing fun, educational games online, than be writing tests and essays. Everyone in my school has been on computers all day and I’d just like to say that I’m so proud of them and everyone across Canada for dedicating so much time and effort into the Games! Everyone thought it was so amazing that we were all competing with students from all across the world, and it really tested our spelling skills. I’d also like to congratulate everyone who participated in the World Literacy Day! It blows my mind that we have spelled over 40 million words! Congratulations to everyone! This has been the opportunity of a lifetime for me to be representing my country,Canada, in this worldwide contest and the preparation for it has been amazing!

After I got back from my amazing trip toCalgary, I was quite busy collecting all my Ambassador points and getting ready for the Games. The preparation included a newspaper report, visiting local schools to raise awareness, setting up posters all across town, and raising money for the UNICEF School-In-A-Box program. I came up with the idea of doing a penny and spare change drive for UNICEF. Myself and a fellow classmate spent hours rolling pennies and coins. Our school has raised over $325 in just two days and our goal is to raise enough for two School-In-A-Boxes which will help children less-fortunate than ourselves receive a good education.


Once again, I’d like to say that it has been an honour representing my country for this amazingly fun and educational competition, so farewell and good luck to those of you continuing to participate in the World Math and Science Day! Go Team Canada!

Letter of encouragement from Alison M Redford QC, Premier of Alberta:

Great work in achieving this response, Ambassador Alexa!

Canada hungry for WEG success

Alexa, our Canadian WEG Ambassador, has found a special way to turn this years event into an even bigger celebration.

Showing great initiative and a sweet tooth, Alexa, along with her mother Venessa, convinced a local purveyor of tasty treats to donate an entire class worth of unique cupcakes to help celebrate the launch of the Word Education Games!

Well done to you both, and a big thank you to your local community for getting into the spirit of the games!

WEG Cupcakes!

A Letter of Recognition from the National Chief from Ottawa, Canada:


Thanks to the hard work and perseverance from Bree- one of our fabulous Canadian World Education Games Ambassadors, the upcoming events next week have garnered the attention of the National Chief of Canada!  A true honour and something that we are all very proud of.  Great work Bree!  Thank you all for the fantastic support.


A letter of support from Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper:

Congratulations and thank you to fantastic Canadian World Education Games Ambassador Alexa,

who made contact with the Prime Minister’s Office- resulting in this letter of support: