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World Education Games to Return in 2015



The World Education Games will be taking a break in 2014 from official competition and returning in 2015. This includes all 3 events of the Games:


– World Literacy Day
– World Maths Day
– World Science Day


From here on, the World Education Games will be a biannual event, taking place in March 2015, 2017, 2019, etc. The Exact dates for 2015 will be announced in May 2014. By moving the World Education Games to every second year, we are ensuring the event’s future success by allowing all involved a year’s break. We have big plans for the World Education Games 2015 and the extra time we have to prepare will allow us to put these plans into place.


Selection of Student Ambassadors for the World Education Games 2015 will begin in the second half of 2014. Keep checking the World Education Games website and blog for updates on this.


In 2015 the World Education Games will continue to partner with UNICEF. All participating schools will be encouraged to donate a UNICEF School-in-a-Box (US $236) to help provide education to children in poverty and emergency affected regions of the world. All schools that donate a UNICEF School-in-a-Box will go into a prize draw to win a UNICEF field trip to Zimbabwe in 2015. Details for the UNICEF School-in-a-Box prize draw will be available on the World Education Games website closer to the event date.

Beaconhouse School System – Making Pakistan Proud!

Meet Sid from Busan International Foreign School

Hi everyone!

My name is Sidharth and I am the South Korean WEG Ambassador.  Everyone at my school had a fantastic time participating in this year’s World Education Games, and I would like to share with you some of our favourite parts!

World Literacy Day:
We all worked really hard on World Literacy Day and it was really great to use our English and typing skills! We all learnt so much and it was really cool because most of us got to know new words!


World Maths Day:
On World Maths Day we had so much fun using both our Maths and Computer skills to play and compete against each other.  The best thing about World Maths Day was that even people who didn’t like maths, began to enjoy maths!  I think the other great thing about World Maths Day is that all the games got our minds to think quickly and more importantly it made learning maths fun!


World Science Day:
World Science Day was a bit of a challenge for us because we don’t do a lot of science at our school – but I think we did great! Everybody tried to give three hundred percent and get as many points as they could get out of the fifty games.  It was great because we were all able to learn something new about science!


We are all looking forward to the 2014 World Education Games!


Sidharth Saha
Busan International Foreign School
South Korean WEG Ambassador

Education Minister Peter Garrett competes in Mathletics and Spellodrome challenges!



Australian Education Minister, Peter Garrett, is a long-time supporter of the World Education Games.

After he attended the Sydney WEG 2013 Awards ceremony a few weeks ago, he was eager to compete against the Mathletics champion from Brighton-Le-Sands Public School, Tabby Juncal (11 years old and pictured below).

The pair competed in Mathletics (what World Maths Day is based around) and Spellodrome (what World Literacy Day is based around).  Take a look at who the winner was….!


Vanscoy students kick-off World Education Games


Vanscoy School kicked off preparations for the World Education Games last Friday with a visit from the provinicial Minister of Education, Hon. Russ Marchuk.

Two pupils from the school were selected as student ambassadors to the Games, a global online competition that encourages students to hone their skills in mathematics, literacy and science. Braden Rein and Josh Kemp earned the title of student ambassadors after creating prize-winning videos in a contest.

Rein and Kemp participated in a student ambassador tour in early February to Alberta, where they were awarded certificates of acheivement and took part in activities in several schools.
“It was an amazing experience,” Rein told the school assembly during the kickoff to the World Education Games ceremony in the school’s gym. “We met Laurie Skreslet, the first Canadian to climb to the summit of Mt. Everest, and he gave a speech that inspired us all. It’s something I’ll never forget as long as I live.”

The World Education Games start on World Literacy Day March 5, followed by World Math Day on March 6 and World Science Day on March 7.  Vanscoy School became involved in the World Education Games four years ago through the school’s use of the ‘Mathletics’ online math program. Mathletics was created by 3P Learning, an Australian-based company that also created “Spellodrome’ and ‘IntoScience’ – learning resources that promote literacy and science. The school is combining its involvement with the World Education Games with a parallel campaign to promote literacy, math and science in less-developed countries.

Rein said the school is collecting funds for the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) ‘School in a Box’ program – which provides packages of educational materials for classes of up to 40 students in developing countries.

After being chosen as student ambassadors, Rein and Kemp wrote a letter to the provincial education minister, extending an invitation to attend the formal kickoff for the event.

Marchuk accepted the invitation and said he was overwhelmed with what he saw at the school: “From the minute I walked into the school, I was very impressed with what I saw in every classroom,” said Marchuk. “This is a very warm and exciting learning environment. I saw first-hand the activity you folks are engaged in and being part of this worldwide opportunity shows how engaged the students, teachers, staff and community are in education.”

Kevin Derdall, principal of Vans-coy School, said having the school recognized as a “featured school” for western Canada in the World Education Games is rewarding.

“The students and teachers have worked very hard on these initiatives,” said Derdall. “It’s not only a good program to help improve students’ skill levels, it’s also a way of reaching out to students in less-developed areas of the world. The students here are organizing a penny collection campaign to raise funds for the Unicef ‘School in a Box’ program.”

Derdall said while the students will be competing online with millions of others around the world during the three-day World Education Games event, there will also be local prizes given at the school for participation within each class.

“We want to encourage everyone’s involvement,” he said.

Larry Pavloff, chair of the Prairie Spirit School Division (PSSD) Board of Trustees, said the school division encourages all types of programs that promote student and community engagement in learning. “This is a very worthwhile program,” Pavloff noted. “To see the level of involvement among students in their community and the world makes us proud. The staff have done a superior job working with the students and I think it’s also a reflection of the involvement of the community and the families as well.”

Pavloff said all the schools in the division are engaged in many different programs but all of them are designed to accomplish the same objectives.
Rene Burke, CEO of 3P Learning Canada, based in Calgary, said Vanscoy School has employed the ‘Mathletics’ program for the past four years. “All 160 kids in the school are using it,” she said. “They’ve shown great improvement in their math skills and we’re honoured to have this school as our featured school to represent western Canada.”

(courtesy of Clark’s Crossing Gazette :

Thanks for WEG2013 everyone, from Anand in Australia!


I hope all of you had loads of fun playing the World Education Games. I know that my friends and other fellow students at Trinity really enjoyed participating in the WEG.  Congratulations to everyone who participated and to those who made it to the hall of fame.

I would also like to convey my special thanks to 3P Learning and Samsung for giving this unique opportunity to so many students around the world to participate in WEG and have fun learning.

I hope to see all of you competing again in the coming years.

Anand, WEG2013 Australian Ambassador.

Australian Mathlete challenges Queensland Education Minister to a MATHS DUEL!


A 14 year old All Hallows’ School student has gone up against Queensland Education Minister John-Paul Langbroek in a live maths challenge to promote digital education and raise funds for charity.

Minister Langbroek congratulated Queensland World Education Games Ambassador Georgia Hurst on her performance during the three, one-minute maths challenges on duelling computers in the Minister’s Office.

“Well done to Georgia who tied with me in the second round,” Minister Langbroek said.  “I admit that I practiced before the challenge to avoid getting beaten by a teenager.  I thank Georgia for joining me in the challenge and congratulate her for being such an excellent Queensland ambassador for the World Education Games.”


“In this technological age, a quality maths education is so important as it develops students problem solving skills and prepares them for successful careers in science, engineering and information technology.  It is always wonderful to see students like Georgia embracing opportunities like this to learn and expand their mathematical minds.”

The Minister used his iPad and Georgia brought her laptop to the challenge. The results were:

- Level 2 – Minister 35 def. Georgia 29

- Level 3 – Minister tied Georgia 34 all

- Level 4 – Minister 28 def. Georgia 25

The pair discussed politics and joked with each other during the friendly game.  Georgia, who also represents the State in water polo, wants to be a politician or a political advisor when she grows up.

She said she enjoyed the challenge as it helped her in her role to promote the World Education Games, an annual competition which ran this month and continues to raise money for UNICEF School in a Box Program.

The winners of this year’s Games are currently being verified and invited to an awards ceremony at the Sydney Opera House on March 26.

“The Games are not-for-profit and have become a significant fundraising event,” Georgia said.  “In 2012 participating schools donated over US$100,000 to UNICEF. This meant 400 School-in-a-Box kits helped 32,000 children.  Our target for 2013 is to raise enough money to buy 1000 School-in-a-Box kits, so we can help more than 80,000 children.”

Click here for more information around the UNICEF “School in a Box” Project.

Rachel Riley hosts World Maths Day launch at Wembley Stadium in London!

We were delighted to have had Rachel Riley (our UK World Education Games Patron) as host for the exciting World Maths Day launch event on the 6th of March.

The event was held at the iconic Wembley Stadium in London.  This is the third year we’ve been able to host events at the Wembley Stadium – this year was by far the largest, with hundreds of students involved.  This was a very successful day and Rachel was on hand all day, launching the commencement of World Maths Day there as well as hosting a number of her own maths activities for the students.

Thank you for your support on this special day, Rachel! Also thank you to all the students, teachers and parents who came along and shared in this unique experience!

Take a look at this great video which showcases the activities from the day:


3P Learning Global, World Education Games and Australian Teams fundraise for “School in a Box”!


On Monday, the Australian teams behind World Education Games, Mathletics, Spellodrome and IntoScience held a special fundraising tea in the Sydney Head Office, to raise money for the UNICEF “School in a Box” campaign.

The morning was a tremendous success with many of the team baking and bringing in tasty treats for everyone to enjoy, whilst a donation pot was passed around.  A speech was made as we all reflected on the magic, power and opportunities an education provides- and how lucky we all are to have received an education whilst millions out there do not have the same access or privileges.

We considered where we all might be today, had we not had access to an education.  It was a scary thought.



We are proud to confirm that our Australian Team has raised enough money to purchase EIGHT “School in a Box” education packs.

This means that 640 kids will be able to attend school for one year- thanks to the kits we are able to provide.  It was a great feeling and made for a very rewarding morning.

We also discovered some very good bakers in our midst and have even tried to make it policy that every fundraiser involves baked treats!  We would include a photo of the cakes and biscuits however they were so delicious that they were eaten before any photos could be taken!

Go on!  Have your own “School in a Box” fundraiser!  It takes so little to give so much… and knowing that you are helping change lives of others is a remarkable gift in itself.



Saskatchewan Minister of Education, the Honourable Russ Marchuk, donates to the School in a Box campaign!


Two Canadian World Education Games Ambassadors convinced the Minister of Education to come to their rural school- Vanscoy!  The student Ambassadors involved in this huge effort and initiative were Braden Rein and Josh Kemp- great work boys!

Below is a picture of the Saskatchewan Minister of Education, the Honourable Russ Marchuk, donating a cheque to the “School in a Box” campaign during the WEG kick-off at Vanscoy School.


The Honourable Russ Marchuk, watched the children practice their World Education Games prior to the actual start, before a ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the start of the exciting events:

 Thank you to the Honourable Russ Marchuk and the Saskatchewan Department of Education, for attending this event and for their exemplary generosity towards the UNICEF “School in a Box” campaign.